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New TVs are Calman Ready – what exactly does this mean?

New TVs are Calman Ready. But what exactly does this mean? This article will help you to understand the idea and concept of it
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Premium televisions from LG, Philips and Panasonic, among others, are equipped with it: Calman Ready. This stamp appears in the list of specifications and will not mean much to many who buy a television. Still, it can be interesting for you as a user. We explain what Calman Ready exactly means.

What is Calman Ready?

The Calman Ready stamp can be found on various high-end televisions from major brands. Simply put, this means that these televisions are compatible with the Calman software suite from Portrait Displays. Thanks to Calman Ready, shops, calibrators and consumers can calibrate their television in a relatively simple and user-friendly way using Calman calibration software. Among other things, this optimizes the color setting. In addition, retailers and calibrators offering Portrait Displays Calibration as a service can quickly and automatically calibrate compatible televisions using proprietary cartridges.

So the Calman Ready stamp says that the TV can connect directly to the Calman calibration software for a relatively simple and automated calibration of the image. However, you do need some equipment for this. You can only perform this calibration if you have a supported colorimeter (e.g. the X-Rite i1Display, X-Rite i1Pro or Spyder 5) and are using the Calman Home app. The meter will quickly cost you 150 to 250 euros and the Calman Home software for one specific TV brand will cost you 145 dollars. And then you also need a pattern generator. This is built into some TVs, but otherwise it must be connected externally, for example via a Blu-ray player or Rasberry Pi.

This will therefore not be of interest to the average consumer – the settings from the box are often sufficient. But, do you want to get the most out of your television and do not want to hire a calibrator? And are you not averse to some research and extra costs? Then Calman offers a solution. However, our advice is: unless you are really a hobbyist and have the money to do it, ignore it. It is primarily intended for retailers and calibrators who wish to provide the service. You can read more information about the software and options on the Portrait Displays website.

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