New PlayStation Plus subscriptions available from June 22

Sony has announced that from June 22 you can get started with the new format regarding PlayStation Plus subscriptions


The new format of the PlayStation Plus subscriptions became official at the end of March announced. From then on it became clear that we will be getting three different subscription plans that will give PlayStation users different benefits in addition to access to online multiplayer. Sony has now announced that the three new subscriptions will be available in Europe from June 22, which is actually earlier than expected.

PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Premium

Sony will launch three new subscriptions on June 22. If you don’t do anything, the current PlayStation Plus subscription will simply transfer to the new Essential subscription. This subscription is exactly the same as what you have now. You get access to online multiplayer, two new games to download every month, access to cloud storage and a discount in the online shop. The price remains the same with the Essential subscription: 8.99 euros per month or 59.99 euros per year.

In addition, there are two new subscriptions to which the current PlayStation Now has also been added. That means streaming and playing games without downloading. There is the Extra package, which contains everything from Essential and gives access to 400 PlayStation 4 and 5 games, and the Premium package where, in addition to everything from Essential and Extra, you also get access to even more games, including games from consoles such as the Playstation 2, 3 and PSP. For Extra you have to pay 13.99 euros per month or 99.99 euros per year and for the most expensive Premium subscription you pay 16.99 euros per month or 119.99 euros per year.

Available from June 22

So from June 22 you can get started with the new format regarding PlayStation Plus subscriptions, Sony has announced in a blog post.