New Password manager from Microsoft works with Chrome, Edge and more

Microsoft launched new password manager that will also work on other devices like Chrome and Edge to access all devices with single password.
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New password manager from Microsoft

Microsoft is working hard on a new password manager that will sync data between a number of devices. This concerns computers, including hybrids and convertibles, on which you use the Google Chrome and Edge browser or mobile devices with Android or iOS on board. From now on you can expect a preview version of the manager in the most recent version of the Microsoft Authenticator application. This is a free application that you can use for two-step verification, similar to the one often recommended Google Authenticator.

Like many password managers, Microsoft’s password manager can automatically fill in passwords within apps and on websites. It does not matter which operating system you are running on. You initially save passwords via the Edge browser. Via your Microsoft Account, the data will then be synchronized with other devices. If you also use Google Chrome on your computer or tablet, you can download a new extension that will take care of the synchronization. The extension download here.

While it’s a good idea to, for example, store and sync your passwords through your Microsoft Account, it’s an even better idea to embrace a standalone password manager. That way you are not at the mercy of one company. Moreover, such products are often more extensive than the standard options that Microsoft and, for example, Google offer. If you still have a lot of faith in Microsoft’s policy, there is now nothing to prevent you from synchronizing your passwords via your Microsoft account.