New Nintendo Switch gets 7-inch OLED screen

New Nintendo Switch on the way? It is rumored that new New Nintendo Switch is going to be launched and this time it will be 7 inches screen


It is not news that Nintendo is working on a new Nintendo Switch. Those rumors have been around for some time. Now has Bloomberg got more information about the alleged model. Sources report that the screen of the new Switch will be a 7-inch OLED panel.

New Nintendo Switch on the way?

In comparison, the old Switch has a 6.2-inch LCD screen, while the Switch Lite has a 5.5-inch screen. Apart from a nicer screen (with a higher contrast and better response times), the possible OLED screen brings another advantage. It would be a screen that uses energy efficiently.

In handheld mode, the new Nintendo Switch would still present images in 720p. That means that the resolution remains the same, while the screen becomes larger. The pixel density then deteriorates. In docked mode, when you connect it to the TV, you will get something that resembles a 4k resolution. That would mean that the difference between handheld and docked is getting bigger than it is today.

Furthermore, it would be rigid OLED screens, not the variant that manufacturers can bend. The first type of screen is a lot cheaper for manufacturers. And since Nintendo doesn’t really benefit from a curved screen, that seems a logical choice.

Samsung Display would be the supplier of Nintendo. That deal should be of interest to both parties. Samsung is seeing prices for rigid OLED screens falling, because the range is now too large. In the meantime, Nintendo has a nice partner that can offer screens at a reasonable price. The screens would be delivered from July. As a result, there is a chance that the new Nintendo Switch may be for sale during the holidays.