New MOON North Collection Range Revealed

The new Moon North Collection aims for high-end hi-fi place for you.


The Canadian firm presents its new top of the range, which includes six new models created to sublimate a single-brand HiFi system, and also capable of improving any existing sound system.

MOON presents its new North Collection range, made up of six high-end devices. This new top of the range is the result of years of development and research in the fields of audio, electronics, materials and manufacturing processes.

The North Collection is expected to go on sale next September 2023.

MOON’s North Collection embodies the spirit of Canada, with each device embodying the company’s passion for premium audio design and the highest quality sound reproduction. A mix designed to delight music lovers around the world.

MOON North Collection is a high-end audio range made up of:

  • MOON 641: integrated amplifier (RRP: €12,500)
  • MOON 681: network player with DAC (RRP: €13,500)
  • MOON 761: power amplifier (RRP: €16,000)
  • MOON 791: network player with preamplifier (RRP: €18,500)
  • MOON 861: power amplifier (RRP: €25,000)
  • MOON 891: network player with preamplifier (RRP: €28,500)

MOON technology

North Collection devices are equipped with the latest innovations in technology developed by the Canadian firm MOON.

The circuit MOON Distortion Canceling Amplifier (MDCA) reduces noise and distortion to imperceptible levels; MOON Damping Base (MDB) sets a new benchmark in mechanical insulation while North de MOON also has enhanced volume technology so that you have the most avant-garde control.

On the other hand, the Premium converters MOON Digital Engine (MDE) have been designed and tuned to dominate any digital playback, while intelligent connectivity MOONLink ensures that all devices in the range work seamlessly together.

All North Collection devices feature vertical heat sinks contoured for enhanced performance and timeless MOON design. Handcrafted details and the iconic MOON potentiometer ensure the North Collection turns heads wherever it’s displayed.

Sow under your control

Using the MOON North Collection is a pleasant and exhilarating experience thanks to the remote control MOON BRM-1, which together with the luxurious potentiometer, the innovative touch controls, the visual response and the sophisticated design make North a unique experience. These exceptional devices are calibrated to deliver the luscious and precise MOON sound on all models.

Four of the new MOON North Collection models are equipped with the new OLED color displays. These advanced screens display detailed disc art, album titles and song or artist name, as well as access to volume and menu settings. Paired with the BRM-1 controller, this OLED display elevates the MOON experience to the exclusive level for which the brand is famous.

However, it is with their sound that MOON North achieves unrivaled listening pleasure. This is the MOON range that the brand’s faithful were looking forward to.