New loudspeaker Apertura Forté HiFi Speakers

New loudspeaker Apertura Forté HiFi Speakers launches. Forté has a high sensitivity, extension and control of the low register like never before.

The Apertura Forté speaker cabinet finally provides an answer to the frustration of many owners of limited but high quality power amps such as tubes or Class A electronics.

It is the end of the commitment.

Forté has a high sensitivity, extension and control of the low register like never before.

It also benefits from the well-known qualities of Aperture: timbre fidelity, very high linearity, and three-dimensional recreation of the soundstage. All this in a compact, discreet and elegant design.

Forté is suitable for rooms of at least 25-30 m². Since the large diameter ventilation tube is located on the rear panel, it is recommended to place the speaker at a distance of 50 to 60 cm from the rear wall, if possible.

Employee speakers

  • Two 18 cm mid/woofers with light paper cones, filled with reed fibers.
  • Long voice coil for high linear excursion.
  • Fabric dome tweeter from the “Ring Radiator” family.
  • Very powerful neodymium magnetic circuit for high sensitivity.
  • Very linear tread thanks to the profile of the screen and the rear shock chamber.


  • Patented “DRIM” structure with triple attenuation slopes and phase control across the full bandwidth.
  • Jantzen High-End Components: Heavy-gauge baked-in inductors; polypropylene capacitors
  • Each set of drive units (tweeter and mid/woofers) is individually measured and the filter values ​​are adjusted according to the measurements of these sets.
  • Hand-wired on a 140 µm thick copper PCB.
  • Filter structure optimized to avoid magnetic interference between components.
  • Internal wiring with 2.5 mm² OFC copper cable.


  • This model uses Apertura’s very specific cabinet shape: two curved sides of different length and no parallel front and back panels.
  • Laminar structure based on multiple thin layers molded under pressure.
  • Such a process creates modes of rupture and limits the propagation of vibrations.
  • Minimum thickness of the panels: 25 mm.
  • Multi-cavity internal frame (4 heavy reinforcement panels) to stiffen the structure and create very specific areas where damping materials can be applied.
  • Very extensive treatment of the internal volume to cancel any standing waves. Three different materials are used for this.
  • Mechanical grounding: a central cone placed on the axis of the center of gravity improved the transfer of vibrations to the ground.
  • 3 different standard finishes available: Satin: American walnut; High gloss: piano black, white