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New in Android P: App Actions show smart suggestions based on your smartphone behavior

Android P App Actions - This app of Android systems smartly provides suggestions to you based on your smartphone behavior

Android P App Actions show smart suggestions based on your smartphone behavior. This article elaborate this function bit more.

Android P App Actions

Android P

The first preview version of Android P is early March launched. Here we saw richer Reply-style notifications , better screen notch support, dual camera support, better privacy protections, Slices and much more. Google announced the first beta version of the upcoming Android version Android P during Google I / O 2018 . This is the second preview version of Android P which is more stable than the first version and thus more suitable for users. The final version of Android P won’t be officially released until August this year.

An important news for users who do not have a Pixel device, this Android P beta is also suitable for other Android devices for the first time. That’s great because the second preview can be tested by more people. Devices such as the OnePlus 6, Nokia 7 Plus, Vivo X21, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Essential, Oppo R15 Pro and Sony Xperia XZ2 are also participating.

App Actions

Among other things, the App Actions were introduced in this first beta version. This smarter user interface for Android predicts which apps and actions you’ll use next. In previous Android versions, the focus was on quickly starting the app. In the app drawer you can see this from the most used apps that are shown at the top. Google takes it a step further in Android P. The company wants users to be able to start a promotion (linked to an app) faster. An example is that your Rammstein playlist on Spotify starts automatically when you plug your headphones into your phone.

App Actions will first have to learn from your smartphone behavior and that goes through machine learning (artificial intelligence). Over time, the suggestions will get better. These apps and actions are presented not only in the launcher but also in the Play Store, Smart Text Selection , Google Search and Google Assistant. Developers will also define actions themselves so that all apps can use them.



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