New generation Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker spotted

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Amazon now has a complete line-up of smart Echo speakers, but in the short term the company seems to be launching a new generation of at least the Echo Dot. In addition, Amazon has added a new feature to Amazon Music, called Alexa Cast.

New generation Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot dates back to September 2016 and you would say it’s time for innovation. Leaked photos, in the hands of, among others, FrAndroid also show a new generation of Echo Dot. Amazon seems to have implemented a number of major design changes in its cheapest Alexa speaker.

In the third generation of the Echo Dot, Amazon seems to bid farewell to the shiny black plastic and the flat top. Instead, a more rounded and softer appearance has been chosen. We also see dust on the outside for the first time. The well-known round LED and the four buttons on the top are still present. If we add everything together, it seems that Amazon wants to improve the audio quality. The expectation is that we will hear more from Amazon in September.

Amazon Alexa Cast

What we have heard from Amazon itself is the introduction of Alexa Cast. This feature is similar to the already known Google Cast; If you have a smartphone with Amazon Music, thanks to Alexa Cast you can quickly and easily send the music to any Alexa speaker. Among others, the Sonos One, Sonos Beam and the Echo speaker can play the music. It is not yet known if and when services like Spotify and Tidal will support Alexa Cast.