New FiiO K9 desktop DAC & headphone amplifier

New FiiO K9 desktop DAC & headphone amplifier is launched.

The Hi-Res desktop headphone amplifier arrives in Spain with an unbeatable price/value ratio of €549.99.

The famous Asian manufacturer has incorporated a new desktop DAC and headphone amplifier; the K9 provides high-quality sound (with features similar to the K9 PRO), but at a more accessible price of €549.99.

Appearance and changes under the chassis

Like the low-end version of the K9 Pro, the aesthetic design of the FiiO K9 is naturally unchanged. The size, weight, case material, and power supply method are the same, but the configuration of the inner core sets up an exciting option.

One of the standout features of the K9 is the two ES9068AS DAC chips that decode the left and right channels separately. These 32-bit chips use ESS’s Hyperstream II architecture, which offers high dynamic range and extremely low distortion, providing a truly balanced experience. This means you can enjoy your music without unwanted noise interfering with your listening experience.

The signal is passed from the DAC chips to the dual THX AAA 788+ amplifier chips, which provide a whopping 780mW output power into 300Ω and up to 2000mW into 32Ω. These amplifier chips offer a clean and linear sound profile, known for their low distortion.

The FiiO K9 also features Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, allowing you to enjoy the latest high-fidelity Bluetooth codecs, such as LDAC and aptX HD. This faster, more stable version of Bluetooth is even better at delivering latency-free HD playback.

Sound quality

The FiiO K9 can quickly reproduce 32-bit/768kHz high-resolution audio with incredible fidelity thanks to precise and stable dual-mode clock management. The damped volume knob works using ADC curve reconstruction, allowing smooth and precise adjustment between 120 volume levels, with minimal noise and volume drift between the left and right channels.

Although the FiiO K9 lacks some of the features of its professional-level brother (K9 PRO), this new model surpasses it in certain categories. The K9 features Bluetooth-only presets, and customizable presets that the K9 Pro lacks.

Overall, the FiiO K9 Desktop DAC/Amplifier is a fantastic option for anyone looking for an audio device capable of delivering high-quality sound, yet at an affordable price. With its balanced DAC, dual THX AAA amplifier chips, Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, and partitioned PCB, this device will surely take your music listening experience to the next level.

Technical specifications of the K9

  • DAC: ES9068A*2
  • AMP: THX AAA788+*2
  • Compatible with FiiO controller
  • Firmware update: Update via USB
  • Bluetooth reception (5.1) : AAC/SBC/aptX/aptX LL/aptX HD/LDAC/atpX Adaptive
  • Bluetooth format indicator: SBC: blue, AAC: cyan, aptX HD: yellow, aptX: purple, aptX LL: purple, LDAC: white, atpX Adaptive: green.
  • Highest sample rate supported: 768kHz-32bit/DSD512 (USB DAC) / 192kHz-24bit (coaxial) / 96KHz-24bit (fiber).
  • Matching impedance: 16~600 Ω
  • Weight: Approximately 2660g
  • Dimensions: 200 x 224.5 x 72mm