New FiiO FH15 and FF5 headphones

New FiiO FH15 and FF5 headphones launched. Fiio is famous for its diverse range of products at reasonable prices.

Launch of new FiiO headphones

The first units of the FH15 and FF5 have arrived, new FiiO headphones with extraordinary quality and sound features

Fiio requires no introduction as the company has become famous for its diverse range of products at reasonable prices. Recently, it has launched 2 products with outstanding features: the FF5, a new flat headphone designed with the large dynamic driver unit, and the new flagship in its line of hybrid models, the FH15.

FiiO FF5 – Carbon Based Dynamic Driver Headphones

In-ear monitors have come a long way in terms of sound performance and comfort, but the soothing comfort and massive sound of flat-head headphones have their charms. FiiO has just released its biggest pair of premium headphones, the FiiO FF5. It is the fourth iteration of FiiO’s earbuds right after the EM5 and FF3.

Featuring a specially developed open back cavity design and acoustic resistance tube-based acoustic architecture, the FF5 delivers impressive sonic performance with a deep, thunderous bottom end, rich midrange, and smooth, harmless treble response. The FF5 complements well with different genres of music!

Powerful sound with newly developed dynamic driver unit

The FiiO FF5 breaks through the limitations of headphones with a newly developed powerful 14.2mm dynamic driver unit. It’s lightweight and rigid, delivering powerful sound with fast transients, extended lower and higher frequencies, and minimized non-linear distortion in the output signal.

Professionally designed open back cavity design

The FiiO development team aimed to reduce unwanted reflections and vibrations within the FF5’s casing. They have carefully designed the cavity structure with a fuzzy open back cavity design. It enables cleaner, purer sound with enhanced bass and a wider sound field.

High purity silver plated monocrystalline copper wire

FiiO FF5 comes standard with a high quality silver plated monocrystalline copper cable.

FiiO FF5 Specifications

  • Driver: Dynamic 14.2mm PU+beryllium-silver
  • Frequency response: 20~20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 105dB/mW (@1kHz)
  • Impedance: 45Ω (@1kHz)
  • Connector: interchangeable 3.5mm / 4.4mm
  • Cable length: 1.2m
  • Weight: about 31g

FiiO FH15 – The evolution of IEMs

Equipped with a new carbon-based diaphragm 10mm dynamic driver, the FiiO FH15 features excellent transient performance. In this device, the light weight, strong rigidity and high internal strength of carbon mean that the dynamic driver can quickly start and stop movements by responding to changes in the input signal.

Excellent drivers Knowles BA

For the mid frequencies, the FiiO IEM employs custom Knowles BA drivers, all of which work in conjunction with specially placed tuning holes in the shell, characterizing lusher vocals and a more musical sound.

Custom notch filter technology

For a distinctive sound, the notch filter is tailor-made specifically for the FH15. A Helmholz resonator is designed to work with mid-frequency drivers.

High-quality cable and comfortable FiiO HS18 ear tips

The FH15 comes with a 152-strand silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable with 8 stranded Litz wire strands. In addition, it provides 3 pairs of FiiO HS18 ear tips that are extremely comfortable to wear. These ear tips can minimize the barriers between the earpiece and eardrum for maximum detail, as well as reduce high-frequency sound loss.

FiiO FH15 Specifications

  • Drivers: 3 + 1
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz – 40 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 112dB/mW
  • Impedance: 16 Ohms
  • Connectors: MMCX
  • Cord length: 120cm
  • Weight (per earphone): 6.6 g