New console from SNK, a Neo Geo fame, will release in 2021

According to official Tweet from the company, SNK who is known for Neo Geo going to release its own gaming console next year.
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New console from SNK: In 2018 SNK tried to participate in the hype about retro consoles, such as the Sega Mega Drive Mini, PlayStation Classic and of course the NES and SNES Mini. In response, the manufacturer released the Neo Geo Mini, a mini console that sold out at a rapid pace. And now the company appears to be looking to repeat that success, announcing a new console will be released in 2021.

New console from SNK

That let the company know in a recently published tweet. Not much is disclosed in that tweet, other than that the gap between passionate fans and enthusiasts of console gaming will be closed. It is not clear what this means exactly. One thing is clear: the company still has a large group of fans behind it, who are looking forward to those old Neo Geo games from yesteryear.

Since the teasertweet uses a WiFi logo and the question is asked who exactly is the best player, it can be assumed that it will be a console with an internet connection. You will likely be able to challenge your friends in multiplayer games or take over the high score lists.