New Bryston BR-20 Preamp

New Bryston BR-20 Preamp launches. BR-20 FITS PERFECTLY INTO YOUR SYSTEM.

What if we designed a state-of-the-art analog preamplifier, combined it with our award-winning digital-to-analog conversion circuitry, and integrated bit-perfect high-resolution streaming, all in one chassis? Would it sound better than the separates? Could we simplify the path to world-class sound by taking up less rack space? Can we convince you to downsize your rack while you upgrade your system?


Years of research and development have resulted in a new discrete op amp from Bryston that surpasses all that have come before. Each BR-20 measures 0.0006% THD+N or less, an exceptionally low number that gives your music incredible room to breathe! We combine the award-winning and excellent BDA-3 DAC with an up-to-date BDP streaming platform in the system so you can get the best possible digital performance from our built-in player or your digital source of choice. We also upgraded the internal headphone amp to have more power and lower output impedance, effortlessly powering even tough loads. Finally, we offer our best-in-class phono preamp and an all-new HDMI card as options for even greater flexibility in any system. We can confidently say that the new BR-20 is our best preamp ever!

The Bryston BR-20 combines our newly designed fully balanced analogue preamp architecture with award-winning digital-to-analog conversion (DAC) and integrated streaming functionality taken from our renowned BDP series. The BR-20 is the ultimate audiophile hub, packed with features and connectivity to suit the demands of the modern audiophile. From our best built-in headphone amp to optional phono inputs for vinyl collectors and 4K HDMI inputs for DSD playback and A/V connectivity, the BR-20 has been designed to work with almost any source. Bryston’s innovative analog circuitry designed specifically for the BR-20 preamp has produced the lowest noise and distortion measurements in the 40+ year history of the Bryston brand. For music enthusiasts, this means more realistic performances, more detail, and more dimensionality to the recordings you love. The BR-20 comes with the BR-4 remote plus RS232 and network connectivity for unlimited control options.