New Audio Physic Avantera Loudspeaker

New Audio presented its latest generation loudspeaker which names as New Audio Physic Avantera Loudspeaker

New Audio Physic Avantera – Captivating Sound

Audio Physic presents the latest generation of its Avantera reference loudspeaker with a timeless design. These award-winning loudspeakers feature the truly exciting PowerTrain technology for the first time and offer performance unparalleled in the segment.

Welcome to the unique sound of the new Avantera with an unlimited soundstage, pinpoint precision and room-filling low-frequency reproduction.

All the components of the new Avantera incorporate the experience and developments of the Cardeas model. In addition, the new Avantera includes numerous innovations and advances not previously available in this segment. This composition of innovative components sets the music free and offers an exciting sound experience.

With the new Avantera, Audio Physic remains true to one principle: cascading new developments into its product portfolio.

What’s new at a glance:

  • Multi-sandwich cabinet with honeycomb structure The Avantera is a four-way loudspeaker with our multi-sandwich cabinet. Inside, the asymmetric section is made of a high-tech honeycomb sandwich. The exterior is covered with a glass elastomer or wood veneer panel elastomer composite. This makes the shell extraordinarily rigid and provides very high internal damping. The cabinet struts are also made of high-tech honeycomb panels and ceramic foam elements. Therefore, inherent sound is excluded.
  • HHCT III+ Tweeter The Avantera features a mechanically isolated mounting plate for the HHCT III+ tweeter, completely decoupling the chassis.
  • HHCM SL+ woofer/midrange and Double Surround woofer/midrange. The new Audio Physic HHCM SL+ midrange speaker works without a spider. The new Audio Physic Double Surround mid/woofers also work without a conventional spider. Due to almost zero resistance, these speakers provide unprecedented dynamics and resolution.
  • We’ve further revised the contacts for the tweeter and midrange and fitted them with WBT Plasma Protect™ connectors. Even the terminal has been redesigned with improved WBT nextgen™ connectors. All capacitors have been newly developed for long listening sessions and have an innovative copper foam contact.
  • The Audio Physic PowerTrain™, with its centerless loudspeakers at its heart, as Cardeas is well known, transfers kinetic energy unexpectedly and efficiently. This results in remarkably natural music reproduction that you may not believe until you hear it.

Thomas Saheicha: “We are very proud to present the sum of our developments with the new Avantera. The speaker has been designed from the ground up to take full advantage of the PowerTrain™ and create a sound experience like no other. The Avantera joins our new generation of Loudspeakers.”

The new Avantera will be available at authorized Audio Physic dealers starting November 28, 2022.