‘Netflix wanted to buy cinemas for showing their own films’

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If we can believe the latest rumors, streaming service Netflix intended to buy cinemas for showing its own film productions. But somewhere that plan was put in the fridge and it did not go on, according to the rumors.

Netflix wanted to buy cinemas – rumor

The Los Angeles Times writes Friday that Netflix intended to buy cinemas for the exhibit his own film productions. However, the streaming service did not continue, because it would still be too expensive. The chain that the company had in mind was the American Landmark Theaters – not so much because these cinemas could offer something special, but just because it was interested in the acquisition of cinemas, writes Variety. However, this may still have an impact on the future.

This deal may not have continued, but Netflix can decide to do something different for showing its own films. Although the service can count on 125 million paid subscribers, with which the company is far ahead of the competition, it does not always get the respect of large cinema chains or film companies. For example, the video streaming service is not allowed to participate in the Cannes Film Festival because of the new rule that all films must first be screened in French cinemas.

And that while Netflix films like Okja and The Meyerowitz Stories do extremely well to the public, even when they were shown at Cannes last year. When the company has its own cinema (chain), it is therefore easier to participate in such award shows, such as the Oscars. The films that take part in this must also have been in the cinema first. Whether the service wants to take over or set up cinemas in other countries is not yet known. The company has not responded.