Netflix releases trailer from Glow’s second season

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Netflix has this week released the first trailer of the remarkable wrestling series Glow, with Alison Brie in the leading role. Videostreamingdienst Netflix has invested more money in this season than the first season – and that should be noticed as a viewer.

Second season of Glow

At the end of June we can watch the second season of the Glow series Glow at Netflix. The video streaming service has invested more money and energy in this second season and with the first trailer we can already look carefully at what that has yielded. In this new season the stakes are increased and the problems are bigger, and that while many problems have passed in the successful first season. This time the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling get more than just their own problems.

In the second season, the women also have to deal with scary fans, the possibility that their show is canceled and racist caricatures. They also have to deal with men who want to benefit from this. Just like the first season, this story plays out in the eighties and you will notice that everything from the decoration to the music and the old-fashioned technology. On June 29 you can view this season. Have you not checked the first season? Then we can advise you to do that first.