Netflix introduces handy Netflix downloads function for mobile users

Netflix downloads function
Netflix introduced a handy Netflix downloads function 'Downloads for you' for users who often watch via smartphones and tablets.

Netflix announces a handy¬†Netflix downloads¬†function ‘Downloads for you’ for users who often watch via smartphones and tablets. The new feature is called Downloads for you, and is an extension of the existing download functionality within the app.

Netflix downloads function ‘Downloads for you’

In 2018, Netflix introduced the smart downloads feature, which automatically downloads new episodes of series to your mobile device. This way you can be sure that you never have to miss an episode. Watching offline becomes a breeze, because you don’t have to do anything yourself.

Now the video streaming service is taking it a step further with the introduction of Downloads for you. This functionality does not download the content you plan to watch (such as new series episodes), but downloads recommended content. Content that the video streaming service thinks you will like.

The feature is disabled by default. If you want to use this, you have to activate it manually. Fortunately, you can set how much space you want to spend on this on your device, so that the app does not immediately consume everything. You can choose from 1, 3 or 5 GB.

You can later adjust the available space and reserve a different amount of space for each profile. Once you have set all of this, Netflix will only download the available content via WiFi. The feature is now rolling out globally to anyone who uses the app on Android.