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Netflix can now determine what you want to watch for you

Video streaming services, such as Netflix, are just a little easy, of course. They offer a huge catalog of films, series and documentaries, but that also means that a modern problem arises: choice stress. Because what should you choose for tonight?

Netflix presents shuffle function

In the past, you could solve that problem just by zapping a bit. If you came across a cool movie or just caught a cool scene in a movie or series, you often lingered for a while. But that’s not how it works in the cord-cutter world, which is completely at the mercy of video streaming services.

That’s why Netflix has now officially rolled out the shuffle button. The button appears worldwide first on televisions and media players and is also coming to smartphones. The feature is called Play Something and it does exactly what you expect it to do: the service just plays something for you.

The content presented is not completely random. Because your personal account and the things in the watch list are taken into account. For example, you may be presented with a completely new film or an episode of a series that you have not yet watched. If you still don’t like the content on offer, take our growing catalog of streaming tips once through. There is undoubtedly something cool in between.

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