Netflix tests video promos between serial deliveries

Netflix tests video promos: Netflix is ​​currently testing video promos that appear between serial episodes.
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Netflix is ​​currently testing video promos that appear between serial episodes that people are watching on the video streaming service. Only a handful of people worldwide see these Netflix tests video promos, and the reactions are not exactly positive.

Netflix tests video promos

Videostreamingdienst Netflix currently shows video promos (in fact just advertising) for some users between serial deliveries. The video fills the entire screen and shows content that can also be of interest to you, writes Techcrunch . Many of these subscribers have expressed dissatisfaction with this development on the internet. Because of a bug it was also impossible to skip the ads immediately, so a certain amount had to be watched (just like on YouTube).

Opposite The Verge confirmed Netflix that the videos should be skipped and the function is not currently permanent. The advertisements show all kinds of films and series, whether they are made by the service or not. Previously, the company already added trailers that are automatically played on the home page, with the aim that you can decide more quickly whether you want to see something or not. That ‘function’ would also be meant for that. Let’s hope the company decides not to roll out the ads broadly – because this is just annoying.