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Nanoleaf Essentials: series with smart LED strip and everyday lamps

Nanoleaf Essentials launched: Smart technology based lamps are introduced by Nanoleaf in the market with the name of Nanoleaf Essentials.
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Nanoleaf has launched a new series of lamps: Nanoleaf Essentials. These are smart lamps for everyday use.

Nanoleaf Essentials launched

The fact that Nanoleaf now comes with Nanoleaf Essentials is remarkable, because the manufacturer is known for its remarkable, smart lamps that you attach to the wall . With the new series you also get more normal lamps, which can be part of your smart home system. The line includes three products: an A19 lamp, a two-meter LED strip and a one-meter LED strip (as an extension to the two-meter variant). The costs: 18, 45 and 20 British pounds. The products are for sale on its own website.

The Nanoleaf Essential products are compatible with the company’s own app, Apple HomeKit and Siri and the Google Assistant. Unlike other Nanoleaf products, this time there is no support for Amazon Alexa. There is support for the new smart home protocol Thread, which is included in the Apple HomePod Mini . Thread uses little energy, has little delay on the line and can control devices that do not have access to Wi-Fi. There is also a wide range available.

Furthermore, there is support for bluetooth and you can also operate the LED strip with a remote control. Nanoleaf also says that both products have a function that adjusts the light temperature during the day, so that you always have access to fine, natural light. The regular lamp supports light temperatures between 2700 and 6500K, has an average brightness of 806 lumens and a maximum brightness of 1100 lumens. The LED strip can be extended to a total of ten meters.

It is not known when the products will also come to the Netherlands and what they must cost here.