Nagra Model I Headphones

Nagra Model I Headphones launches which is a monitoring headphones. It is a closed-back model which provides enough isolation to focus on the recording.


It is often a challenge to find a portable monitoring solution.

It’s great when you can have real traditional speakers and have a space to monitor, however this is too much equipment to carry around and not every space can accommodate this.

After studying the market, the Nagra team searched for customized solutions for their loyal customers.

Battery-powered portable audio recorders cannot accommodate a full-scale headphone amplifier. Therefore, Nagra and the AUDEZE team joined forces to design a unique Nagra earphone.

It’s a closed-back model that provides enough isolation to focus on recording. The Nagra Model I monitor headphones offer ultra-wide bandwidth and super-accurate timbre.

Visuals are 3D with instruments and vocals appearing straight ahead rather than overhead as is often the case with other headsets.

Delivered in a rugged case to take around the world for your most demanding sessions.