NAD C 700: New C series streaming amplifier

NAD C 700: New C series streaming amplifier launches

A good six weeks ago we presented the new M10 V2 from NAD, a streaming-capable Class D integrated amplifier in half the rack size. Now the traditional brand is launching another device with a very similar form factor, and it will also include: a network player and a switching amplifier. However, the price of the NAD C 700 is half the price of the M10 V2. How does it work?

NAD C 700 – M10 V2: differences

Similar is not the same, it starts at the front: During the M10 V2 With a touch display that takes up almost the entire width, the C 700 has a smaller display that is not touch-sensitive – we find a rotary control and two buttons for operation to the right.

The approximately 22 cm wide NAD C 700 comes with a large display and mechanical controls

A few compromises also have to be made in terms of functionality: The current press release does not read anything about surround capabilities, and Dirac room correction is also not on board with the NAD C 700. The amplifier output is also 20% lower at 2 x 80 watts at 8 ohms, the amp technology is not based on Hypex nCore, but on UcD modules, which are also used in other amplifiers from NAD’s C series.

NAD C 700: Equipment of the streaming integrated amplifier

However, the NAD C 700 also comes with a generous amount of equipment: In addition to two high-level inputs, it offers a pre- and a sub-out – a pair of speakers can also be connected. On the digital side, it also offers S / PDIF, electrically and optically, an HDMI-eARC connection for corresponding television sets; the volume can also be adjusted using the TV remote control.

The back of the NAD C 700 with interfaces

The NAD C 700 offers a whole range of interfaces

The main interface of the C 700 that most owners use is likely to be the integrated BluOS streaming module. With it, the small NAD-Amp can be fed data streams from countless internet radio stations and the common streaming services (Amazon Music HD, Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal etc.) via LAN or WLAN. The whole thing is controlled with the in-house app. You can also stream from USB mass storage devices.

The NAD C 700 processes data rates up to 24 bit / 192 kHz. In addition, he understands Bluetooth aptX HD, and that bidirectional: Not only receiving data, but also sending – for example to suitable headphones – is possible.

The NAD C 700 is expected to be available from December 2021 at a price of 1,499 euros be available from specialist retailers.