Mytek introduced Mytek Empire Streamer / DAC

The American company Mytek launched Mytek Empire Streamer for 19,995.95 euros and Mytek Empire monoblocks: probably around 20,000 euros (pair)

The American company Mytek was founded in New York City in 1992 and has made a name for itself over the decades, especially in the USA, first with audio professionals and later with home users. Now there are some important news to report, namely a sales takeover and a fundamental overhaul of the portfolio.

Mytek sales takeover by CMA Audio GmbH

Since March 1st, Mytek has been using the Germany, Austria and Switzerland sales to the company CMA Audio GmbH. CMA Audio has numerous well-known brands in its portfolio, including Audeze, Chord Electronics and Violectric / Lake People. Christof Mallmann is managing director of CMA Audio and says: “The quality and approach of Mytek and Michal Jurewicz are unique in the world. We will make sure that they get the attention they deserve. ”

Mytek: New product lines

Time has not stood still, products such as streamers, headphone amplifiers and power amplifiers will soon be revised and the portfolio expanded accordingly. The first new device is the Mytec Empire Streamer / DAC. It comes in a symmetrical double mono structure and uses two ESS Saber 9038PRO chips. The integrated streamer also functions as a Roon Core, which can control other Roon endpoints. 8 TB of internal storage are built in, and data carriers can also be connected via USB-3, USB-C or via the network.

Mytek Empire front: On the left you can see a balanced and unbalanced headphone output

Digital audio data can be supplied via S / PDIF coaxial / optical, AES / EBU, USB or HDMI. In addition to analog outputs, there is also the option of digitally outputting streamed signals and using the Mytek Empire as a streaming bridge. Furthermore, they are symmetrical Analog inputs, one Phono preamplifier for MM or MC cartridges as well as a fully symmetrical one Headphone amplifier on board.

Monoblock amplifiers, which should be available from June 2021, are still in the planning stage. The Empire Streamer / DAC, on the other hand, will be delivered from May 2021 and can be pre-ordered now.


Mytek Empire Streamer / DAC: 19,995.95 euros
Mytek Empire monoblocks: probably around 20,000 euros (pair)