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Moorebot Scout is an autonomous home surveillance robot

Moorebot Scout is an autonomous home surveillance robot with expected release is June 2021 with an associated price of $ 199.
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The Moorebot Scout is for both children and adults. Children can learn to program easily via Scratch, while experienced users can also get started with advanced options. Moorebot’s slogan for this robot is Monitor, Discover, Explore. The promotional videos therefore address both children and adults. Children can play with the robot, while adults can use the Scout to secure the house. The Scout is completely waterproof and can therefore also patrol outside, comes with a charging station to which it drives itself and provides intelligence notifications. Cloud storage for the video images is also available.

Self-driving IP camera

For adults, the Moorebot Scout is a self-driving IP camera with two-way communication. The robot also supports sound detection and will automatically start recording in case of calamities. You can program the robot to patrol the house on its own, mapping the house first. The Scout will travel this route at set times. It can distinguish people and animals and can patrol the house for up to two hours before the four-wheeled robot will drive itself back to the charging station. The Scout is also ideal for your smart home, as you can integrate it with other smart home products such as motion sensors and support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants.

Autonomous patrolling thanks to artificial intelligence

When recognizing people or animals, a 13-second video will be recorded on the flash memory on board the robot, but this can also be done via a cloud server or cloud storage. The Scout is equipped with artificial intelligence and recognizes people and animals via Google’s TensorFlow. It can also patrol autonomously through the Monocular SLAM algorithm. The Moorebot Scout has a top speed of two kilometers per hour. Would you rather have a flying security drone? Then take a look at the Ring Always Home Cam.

Price and availability

The Moorebot Scout is not for sale yet, but is available as Kickstarter project to support. Moorebot initially asked for a few thousand euros, but now more than 3 tons have been collected. The expected release is June 2021 with an associated price of $ 199. If you want to support the company now, you can purchase it for $ 139.