MOON Voice 22 loudspeaker

MOON Voice 22 loudspeaker launches which are the last step for Simaudio to achieve the goal of being able to offer complete MOON sound systems.

The new MOON Voice 22 loudspeakers are the last step for Simaudio to achieve the goal of being able to offer complete MOON sound systems. Voice 22 is the result of extensive research and development to give MOON its own voice for the first time.

Working with high-end electronics, Simaudio have spent years listening to MOON devices alongside all types of cabinets, and were often asked which cabinet models were the best choice for famed Canadian electronics. Now, for the first time, there are speakers designed with MOON amplification in mind, including channel pairing, sensitivity, impedance and acoustic signature.

With this, Simaudio offers interesting audiophile quality loudspeakers beyond specialized circles. These speakers have been designed to please any music lover looking for a complete sound system.

As with their electronics, Simaudio has sought transparency and realism in the sound of the MOON Voice 22 loudspeakers. Taking into account the size of the cabinet, they have improved it to preserve the scale and dynamics of the instruments so that they sound like live.

Why a bookshelf speaker

The choice of a shelf model was based on the flexibility it offers in the domestic environment, although they have made sure that it is not too small. There is an acoustic level that Simaudio considers minimum to be able to enjoy music, and they have achieved it with a two-way design that combines cutting-edge and traditional technologies to create the first flagship loudspeaker.

From the outside, the Voice 22 box may seem relatively conventional, since it keeps all the innovation inside.

MOON Voice 22 drivers

The 155mm (over 6”) woofer features a machined aluminum basket and mineral-filled polypropylene cone. The surround has soft, low-resonance damping for better response. The copper sleeve in the magnet structure reduces inductance and distortion. For its part, the copper-clad aluminum cable reduces its moving mass.

For its part, the tweeter is 29 mm and has a textile membrane dome with great damping. It features an overdrive-controlled motor system to reduce distortion, as well as a non-sound-reflective rear chamber that optimizes damping for improved dynamics. The mechanical structure has been designed to function without the classic faceplate and is integrated into a custom-made guide, allowing for a greater frequency range than would normally be possible.

The payoff is a captivating upper midrange and a natural, open, crisp sound. High frequencies are crisp and detailed, but not overdone.

The key is in the wave guide

The custom waveguide is a key element that serves several purposes in the design of the MOON Voice 22. It optimizes the alignment and controls the dispersion of the tweeter, boosting its coherence relative to the woofer when their frequencies overlap.

Aesthetically it can be seen that the tweeter is located behind the vertical of the woofer. Something that is not usually seen in most loudspeakers.

In a traditional two-way loudspeaker – with a front-mounted tweeter without a proper waveguide – the nearly omnidirectional bass-firing woofer begins to rise gradually as the frequency increases. The sound wave from the woofer then passes in front of the tweeter, affecting it, reducing its directionality.

As the frequency gets higher and higher, the output of the tweeter can also start to mutate, and as a result, the low frequencies and high frequencies arrive unbalanced at the listener. This inconsistency in the dispersion pattern affects the tonality and colors the sound.

However, the waveguide of the MOON Voice 22 cabinets has been specifically designed to coordinate the low frequency of the tweeter with the dispersion characteristics of the woofer in the crossover. This removes irregularities in the dispersion pattern for a more realistic, natural, and homogeneous sound.

The crossover also plays a major role in the dispersion characteristics. Basin with a two-layer PCB design, designed with carefully selected high-quality metallized polypropylene film capacitors for optimum sound quality and durability. This technology, coupled with the guide that controls dispersion, the crossover seamlessly integrates both drivers for an invisible transition.

It is an important detail when it comes to appreciating the quality of musical sound, as it recreates the feeling that there is only one sound source, like two musicians in perfect synchronicity.

The MOON Voice 22 case

The cabinet features a unique, patent-pending technology called CGD (Curved Groove Dampimg) to control resonances in the speaker walls. The mechanical characteristics of the case have been carefully measured and considered to avoid any vibration that could affect or color the sound.

With strategically placed internal arms, the shell features high rigidity and a space filled with cushioning material between its inner walls. In this way, the length between the edges is different in each and every one of the points of the surface, reducing the resonance of the panels and improving the sound, free of any coloration by the casing.

The bass extension and great definition of these speakers is commendable, especially considering it comes from such a compact speaker.

Hover Base or Stand Voice 22

Lastly, Simaudio has catered to comfort and aesthetics by creating a unique accessory for the Voice 22s. They’ve dubbed it the Hover Base and it makes the Voice 22 speakers appear to float above furniture. This guarantees that the loudspeakers can be placed on practically any surface without leaving a mark and without this affecting the integrity of their sound.

If the listening environment requires the loudspeakers to be placed on stands, the Hover Base can be easily removed so that the loudspeakers can be placed on the custom MOON Stand 22, made to measure for this model of loudspeakers.

The top plate of the stand fits flush with the concave part of the speaker base and disappears. This careful integration creates a sophisticated aesthetic that delights the most discerning esthete.

Specifications MOON Voice 22

  • Tweeter: 29mm soft dome with waveguide
  • Woofer: 155mm with mineral-filled polypropylene cone
  • Sensitivity: 89dB/2.83V/1m
  • Nominal Impedance: 6Ω
  • Recommended Power: 50W – 150W
  • Frequency response (±3dB) : 55Hz – 24kHz
  • Frequency range (-6dB) : 45Hz – 30kHz
  • Crossover: 1.5kHz
  • Size (W x H x D) : 20cm x 35cm x 29cm
  • Weight : 10.5kg
  • Finishes: Black High Gloss and White High Gloss

RRP: From €3,000