Monitor Audio Concept 50 – Third generation MPD tweeter

Monitor Audio Concept 50 loudspeaker has been designed to deliver unrivaled sound like no other loudspeaker on the market

Monitor Audio Concept 50 – Third generation MPD tweeter  haslaunched.

It all leads to this

Since 1972, we’ve pushed the limits of what can be achieved in sound quality. 50 years later, we set out to create a single standout loudspeaker for the world’s most demanding audiophiles that is as close to perfection as physically possible. Say hello to our latest project, whose name is Concept 50.

The Concept 50 loudspeaker has been designed to deliver unrivaled sound like no other loudspeaker on the market. Making the ultimate statement of how good a loudspeaker can be, Monitor Audio’s new prototype combines the extraordinary sound, refinement and luxury that customers have come to expect, but pushes the boundaries even further to really strike a chord with audiophiles.

In our quest to deliver audio that sounds as close to perfect as possible, the idea for the Concept 50 speaker began life two years ago when Monitor Audio Technical Director Michael Hedges and Design Director Charles Minett brought conducted an experiment to see how far they could push passive speaker design. Their difficult situation quickly paid off when they saw the opportunity to create something very special.

The Concept 50 will continue to develop into a flagship product, which will go into production later this year to give audiophiles around the world the opportunity to own and enjoy the absolute pinnacle in loudspeaker development.

Beyond innovation

Concept 50 features an innovative driver and placement design for incredibly precise sound quality. The midrange drivers are tightly grouped with our next-generation MPD tweeter and a compact forced-canceling bass array facing inward, ensuring all sound comes from a single point with constant directivity.

Michael Hedges, Monitor Audio Technical Director, explains why the Concept 50 is so different from other loudspeakers: “No loudspeaker is perfect. Using our experience and understanding of physics, we have endeavored to design a real speaker that is as perfect as possible. Others have tried it many times, but with the Concept 50 we believe we have come closer than anyone before.”

“There are two key elements that are often ignored, perceived font size and directivity. For the soundstage and picture to be as accurate as possible, the sound must come from a single point and have constant directivity. Concept 50 achieves this through the innovative placement and design of each of its drivers, a tightly packed tweeter and midrange group called ‘The Array’, plus a compact pair of inward-facing woofers.”

The Array

‘The Array’ is an ultra-compact multi-driver midrange and tweeter array. A masterpiece of intricate detail and design, the array is a testament to the collaborative approach to acoustical and mechanical engineering within the Monitor Audio Research and Development team. Using Monitor Audio’s renowned RDT III cone technology, the six midrange drivers together have a surface area that is greater than a Platinum Series midrange. This is an approach that leads to multiple benefits.

zero vibration

‘Every Force Has an Equal and Opposite Reaction’ – Created with Newton’s Third Law in mind, Concept 50 bass drivers are anchored together in pairs facing each other in a ‘Force Cancellation’ configuration. This exact symmetry means that the unwanted vibrational energy that each driver generates from an audio signal is canceled out by its opposite twin. This is especially useful on bass drivers which generally transmit these unwanted vibrations through the cabinet. Plus, the drivers don’t shake, which reduces distortion and improves control. As a result, the speaker offers a room-wide frequency response (-6 dB) from 21 Hz to 60 kHz with minimal distortion.

State-of-the-art design

Brimming with state-of-the-art technology and made from the finest materials, Monitor Audio Concept 50 is a stunning-looking three-way setup loudspeaker.

The attached bass cabinet is made from mineral stone and acrylic that has been thermoformed and precision machined. Meanwhile, the mid and high frequency drivers are mounted within a precision-machined solid aluminum baffle combined with a custom-designed, 3D-printed housing tailored to the requirements of mid-range drivers.