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Mission QX MkII loudspeakers: new drivers & crossover

Mission QX MkII loudspeakers: a comprehensive makeover, in which both technical refinements have been made in 7 new models

The manufacturer Mission has given its QX series a comprehensive makeover, in which both technical refinements have been made and new ones have been made Finishes are at the start. The newly launched Mk-II series comprises a total of seven models.

Mission QX MkII speaker series: technology and details

The series consists of the three floor-standing models QX-3 MkII, QX-4 MkII and QX-5 MkII (two two-way and one three-way loudspeaker), two compact two-way loudspeakers (QX-1 MkII and QX-2 MkII) and one center and one each active subwoofer (QX-C MkII and QX-12 Sub MkII). The Mission-QX speaker series is aimed at classic stereo setups as well as home theater applications.

Compared to the previous Mission-QX loudspeakers, the finish has been modernized, the tweeters and woofers have been revised – and through the newly designed crossovers, Mission wants to achieve an even more detailed sound with “fascinating spatiality” and at the same time uncritical radiation behavior. The subject of “timeliness” was also high in the specifications. Based on the “Inverted Driver Geometry” introduced by Mission in the 1980s, the two-way floorstanding loudspeakers QX-3 MkII and QX-4 MkII implement the IDG principle with an additional bass chassis under the dome as a D`Appolito system .

The compact speaker Mission QX-2 MkII in walnut veneer

The new ring dome tweeters use a ring-shaped membrane with a central phase plug. Since the voice coil also works in the middle – and not on the edge, as is usual – on the woven polyester film, a drive with low partial vibrations acting particularly evenly on the membrane surface should be made possible. On the back, the tweeter radiates into a separate and dampened chamber, unaffected by its driver colleagues.

Mission QX-5 MkII and QX-3 MkII floorstanding loudspeakers

The large and small floorstanding loudspeakers of the new series: Mission QX-5 MkII and QX-3 MkII, the former should play down to 27 Hertz

The subject of partial vibrations was also on the agenda for the new woofer cones: They come with long-fiber acrylic fiber, which has a high level of self-damping and rigidity, according to Mission. And instead of a classic cone with a dust cover, a uniformly curved membrane is used. The application range of the new woofers extends from violent bass impulses up to three kilohertz, which not least contributes to a more detailed midrange reproduction.

The subwoofer QX-12SUB MkII with a 30 cm chassis provides the deepest tones, a multi-braced housing is intended to strengthen the back of the cone driver and a class D power amplifier with a peak pulse power of 400 watts really makes a fire. This applies both to the bass expansion of compact speakers and to use in the LFE channel of surround configurations.

Mission QX MkII speaker series subwoofer

The Mission QX-12 Sub MkII subwoofer – here in the veneer version – is equipped with a 30 cm membrane and a Class D power amplifier

The speakers in the new Mission QX series are available in matt black, matt white and a walnut veneer.

Prices (pair, unless otherwise stated)

  • Mission QX-1 MkII compact speaker: 449 euros
  • Mission QX-2 MkII compact speaker: 549 euros
  • Mission QX-3 MkII floorstanding loudspeaker: 999 euros
  • Mission QX-4 MkII floorstanding loudspeaker: 1,199 euros
  • Mission QX-5 MkII floorstanding loudspeaker: 1,499 euros
  • Mission QX-C MkII Center: 449 euros (each)
  • Mission QX-12 Sub MkII: 599 euros (each)



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