Mission LX MK2 – the new, affordable speaker series

The British manufacturer Mission presented Mission LX MK2 speakers range consisting of a total of nine different boxes for numerous purposes.

The British manufacturer Mission presented with the current LX MKII series a new incarnation of its popular LX speaker series, consisting of a total of nine different boxes for numerous purposes.

Mission LX MKII: Concept and technology

Three Floorstanding loudspeakers (LX-4 to LX-6 MKII), three Compact boxes (LX-1 to LX-3 MKII), two Center speaker (LX-C1 and LX-C2 MKII) as well as a Surround ceiling spotlights (LX-C3D MKII) – the new Mission-LX-MKII loudspeaker series covers a wide range of applications. With the exception of the largest floor-standing model, the LX-6 MKII, a three-way system, all other loudspeakers in the series work on the two-way principle.

A so-called comes with all models DiaDrive midbass chassis is used, whose construction with oversized ferrite magnet and a special diaphragm, which is connected to the voice coil via a secondary cone, enables a uniform drive even with large deflections of the diaphragm as well as discoloration-free transient reproduction, according to Mission. For the tweeter, the British rely on a 25-millimeter dome, the membrane of which is made of a microfiber material that is as light as it is stiff. The base plate of the tweeter chassis, which has a special hole pattern, is intended to ensure even radiation.


The Mission LX MKII speaker series in walnut look

Several models in the series are also characterized by the fact that the bass-midrange speaker was placed above and not below the tweeter, which is expected to improve timing.

The new Mission loudspeakers are available now – in the color variants Walnut Pearl, Lux White and Lux ​​Black. The prices below are pair prices, unless otherwise noted.


Compact speaker

  • Mission LX-1 MKII: 229 euros
  • Mission LX-2 MKII: 299 euros
  • Mission LX-3 MKII: 349 euros

Floorstanding loudspeakers

  • Mission LX-4 MKII: 549 euros
  • Mission LX-5 MKII: 649 euros
  • Mission LX-6 MKII: 749 euros

Home cinema

  • Mission LX-C1 MKII (Center): 249 euros (each)
  • Mission LX-C2 MKII (Center): 299 euros (each)
  • Mission LX-C3D MKII (surround ceiling spotlight): 299 euros