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Miracast and NFC on your TV or home cinema set: What can you do with it?

Miracast and NFC on your TV or home cinema set: This article explains what can you do withMiracast and NFC?
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Miracast and NFC on your TV

During CES 2013 we saw a large number of new TVs that use various wireless streaming techniques. DLNA and WiDi are two standards / techniques that we have known for some time, but this year we will also increasingly encounter Miracast and NFC. However, the question is what you can do with these new techniques.

With all the different names, possibilities and techniques it becomes difficult to see what your TV can actually do and with which equipment your TV is compatible for streaming media. Various new TVs from Panasonic, Sony and LG, among others, use NFC for the connection between two devices and can stream media wirelessly and mirror the image of a smartphone or tablet (mirroring) through Miracast.

Miracast and NFC


TVs and other home cinema components that are equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) support have a so-called NFC sticker that is stuck to or incorporated into the housing. This sticker can even be incorporated in the remote control, as is the case with Sony. If you have a smartphone or tablet (or other mobile device) that also has NFC support, you can easily connect this device to your TV. All you have to do is hold the mobile device close to the NFC sticker. The two devices then automatically set up a connection to share media without any additional settings.


When this connection is established, different standards or protocols can be used to stream media or mirror the image of a mobile device on TV. Miracast is one of these protocols. The two devices with Miracast support do not need an external WiFi network. They set up a so-called ad-hoc network together, a network that is only used between both devices. This allows a higher speed to be achieved and you can easily stream videos.

Miracast and NFC work together

So, NFC and Miracast work together in this case to provide the user with an easy way to stream media. NFC is used to establish a Miracast connection between two devices. Likewise, WiDi or Wifi-Direct can also be used to stream content from one device to another along with Miracast. In the video below you will find a number of possibilities of Miracast streaming.

Still other names

However, manufacturers do not make it easy for us consumers to distinguish all techniques, standards and protocols. Namely, own names are assigned to the various functions. 

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