Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update: Everything you should know

This article explains all known changes to Minecraft Caves and Cliffs upcoming update 1.17 to make you aware about everything about game.
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Minecraft had its next major update, number 1.17, announced: Caves & Cliffs. The update of Minecraft Caves and Cliffs is focused on the game’s caves and mountains, in addition to bringing several new features. The launch is available for PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ), Xbox One , Nintendo Switch , Android , iPhone ( iOS ) and PC over the next North American summer (winter in Brazil), in the third quarter of 2021. The announcement was made in October 3, during the Minecraft Live 2020 digital event, which was attended by several developers and content creators who are partners of the franchise.

Cave generation system

The main change of the update is in the cave generation system, which can now create much larger and more interesting environments. In addition to the classic caves that already exist, there are wide open spaces, sometimes with pillars for support. These new underground areas are so large that they can be crossed with Élitro or Botes. There are even flooded portions in which the player can dive. Another novelty brought by Caves & Cliffs are the stalactites, which fall from the ceiling, and the stalagmites, which hurt the user who falls on them.

Mountain and goat generation system

The Minecraft mountains receive some changes that make them more detailed, with a more realistic distribution of trees to the top and more snow on their peaks. They also get a new mob: they are goats or goats that are in the surroundings. They are able to jump high and can attack the player with a charge, which can knock him off the mountain.

Cave biomes

One factor that should change underground exploration a lot is the introduction of cave biomes, similar to those that already exist on the surface and in the Nether. The only one shown during the event, the biome called Lush Cave, is basically a green cave full of new plants. In it, it was possible to see flowers named “Spore Blossom”, which loosen pores and are attached to the ceiling.

Other novelties are the “Azaleias”, the shiny fruits “Berry” and the leaves “Dripleaf”, in which players can only step once before falling. The biomes mix with the generation of the cave and can appear in both small and large ones.

The Warden

One of the biggest news in the update is a new terrifying monster called “The Warden”. He lives in the depths of the new caves, in a particularly dark biome, with a floor covered in a strange material called “Sculk Growth”. Living in the depths, this mob is blind and detects the player’s presence through sound. To distract him, the user must walk down and throw items that take him in the opposite direction. The monster is strong and, during the demonstration, was able to easily kill a player who wore the full Netherite armor.

Redstone News

The “Sculk Growth” material has a curious feature: it detects vibrations around you and reacts to the sound caused by the player. With it, it is possible to create a new Redstone block called “Sculk Sensor”, which senses vibrations and sends out a Redstone signal. The developers explained that, in practice, this works like a “wireless” Redstone, since it is possible, wirelessly, to detect the sound of an activated button or lever. There is also how to prevent accidental activations by blocking the sound with a woolen lining.

New Ore: Copper

Caves & Cliffs also introduces a new ore: Cobre (Copper), which had some of its detailed functions during the event. It works as a means for the production of surge arresters, also a novelty brought by the update. When placed on top of a building, the device prevents lightning from destroying and setting fire to blocks of wool or wood, popular with players. The ore can be collected in Copper Blocks, which, over time, undergo oxidation, becoming greenish. In this way, according to the color of the blocks, it will be possible to understand the age of the buildings.

Crystals and Telescope

Another new material in the update is “Amethyst Geodes” crystals, a rare resource that can be found in chambers inside caves. The crystals grow in these chambers as if they were plants, and the player cannot take the source block to its base. Because of this, it is necessary to return frequently to collect them. Together with Copper, crystals can be used to create a Telescope, a kind of spyglass that allows you to observe distant objects.

Bag to carry items

After introducing all of these new items, the developers responded to a request from players to manage their inventory better: the “Bundles”, which are like bags and allow the user to load 64 different items in a single item space. The concept is similar to the Shulker Box, but with more space and without the need to place a block in the world to access the item.

Archeology system

One of the most unexpected news was an archeology system. In some locations in the Minecraft world, it is possible to find archaeological sites and use a new item called “Brush” to delicately excavate the layers of dust. Within some of these blocks are mysterious artifacts endowed with unusual stories. However, if the player is not careful, they can be broken. In addition to the new possibilities for exploration, it is also possible to make your own unique art by creating vases with Clay and using pieces of excavated pottery.

Arrival of the Axolotl

In new update of Minecraft Caves and Cliffs, a new “cute” mob, which makes up for the addition of the monster The Warden, was Axolotl, a water creature quite popular on the internet. Axolotls can be obtained with buckets, just like fish, although they are actually amphibians. When released into the water again, they will be “trained” and will help the player fight against Drowned and even Guardians. A curiosity is that they regenerate your energy. When hit, they pretend to be dead until they recover to return to combat and occasionally heal the user.