Milestone unveils brand new features and trailer MotoGP 18

After announcing that MotoGP ™ 18 is available from June 7, Milestone today unveils the brand new features added to the game, making it the best choice for a MotoGP ™ experience like never before.

MotoGP ™ 18, a reboot of Milestone’s flagship title, has been completely redeveloped and offers a new engine, improved graphics, re-engineered physics, faithful reproduction of all elements in the game and a new immersive career mode. These are just some of the features that make this MotoGP ™ video game one of the most immersive and realistic MotoGP ™ experiences.

The game features:

– Unreal ® Engine 4
– 3D-scan technology for realistic faces of the racers
– Drone-scan system to reproduce all racers, engines and tracks in detail

– More than 30 cut scenes, including standard and custom
– MotoGP ID provides an overview of statistics and details of delivered performances
– The online Spectator Mode lets you track other players using different cameras
– Brand new and interactive tutorials, divided into 3 levels

– Reformed physics
– Improved AI performance and scalability
– Scalable damage system: the engine and driver are both aesthetically and functionally damaged
– Learn how to manage your tires during practice sessions, qualifying rounds and races and keep the optimal tire condition

– Road to MotoGP ™ – start at the bottom and climb to the top
– Build your reputation and enter a contact with a prestigious team
– Development of the engine during the season in the field of engine, brakes, frame, etc.

MotoGP ™ 18 gives players the opportunity to participate in the best motorsportshow in the world, with all official content of the 2018 MotoGP ™ season with all racers, official line-up of the MotoGP ™, Moto2 ™, Moto3 ™ and Red Bull MotoGP ™ Rookies Cup and all 19 official circuits including the new Buriram International Circuit in Thailand

MotoGP ™ 18 is available on June 7 for PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Windows PC® / STEAM and shortly after Nintendo Switch ™.