Mid-range Panasonic LCD LED TVs appear in the Benelux

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Mid-range Panasonic LCD LED TVs: Almost all major brands have their top models of televisions already in stores before 2018, but Panasonic is still waiting. The Japanese manufacturer has already started selling the middle-class TVs in the FXW724 and FXW654 series

Mid-range Panasonic LCD LED TVs for sale

Panasonic keeps the TV offering small this year. The top models of LCD LED TVs can be found in the FXW784 series, and above that are the OLED TVs in the FZW954 series and FZW804 series. We see the middle-class televisions back in the FXW724 and FXW654 series this year.

The FXW724 series offers many important specifications for optimal 4K HDR playback, such as local dimming, HDR Brightness Enhancer, a wide color spectrum, a virtual LUT and larger, 20 percent brighter 4K HDR screens. This series has a metal frame with a thin edge. This model also has a customizable “Switch Design” stand that allows the feet to be placed over the entire width of the screen or in the center of the screen for more flexibility in placement.

The FXW654 series includes various functions that do not have most entry-level TV models. Adaptive Backlight Dimming Plus and a virtual LUT are merged to improve the control and finesse of the HDR colors. The larger screen sizes of this series have the same adjustable “Switch Design” as the FXW724 series.

Price and availability

The televisions in both series are already for sale in the Benelux. The lowest prices of this moment can be found below. An overview of all TVs that Panasonic brings to the Netherlands and Belgium this year can be found in the Panasonic 2018 LCD LED TV line-up.