Microsoft is working on new Xbox and streaming service for games

Xbox One
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Great news from the E3 around the plans that Microsoft has with its gaming division. Gaming chef Phil Spencer not only revealed that the company is working hard on a streaming service for games that needs to work on all devices, we can also expect a new Xbox as per rumored Microsoft is working on new Xbox

Microsoft is working on new Xbox

panel revealed that Microsoft is working on a streaming network, which must work via the cloud and will make available “console gaming for every device” . The service must work on the Xbox, but also on computers and smartphones. When the service has to be available is not clear, that could take up to three years.

If Microsoft succeeds in that, then that is a great achievement. Sony already tried it, by buying OnLive and then taking it out of the air and then trying again with Gaikai. That was part of the PlayStation Now service. And then there is Nvidia that it tries and also the Dutch Utomik .

But besides the streaming service for games, Microsoft is also working on new Xbox consoles. According to Spencer, the teams of the company are at the stage where the architecture of “the next Xbox consoles” is being developed. The teams also try to integrate artificial intelligence into games and look for ways to make characters in games “richer and more complete” .