Microsoft will make certain Xbox Live features free in the future

Microsoft will make certain Xbox Live features free in the future. This is revealed by some insider form Xbox. The date of update is unknown yet

Xbox Live features free: This is part of a new dashboard update that Microsoft is rolling out to testers of the software this week. In addition to the party chat functionality, multiplayer for free-to-play games (games like Fortnite and Rocket League) and the Looking for Groups feature are also being made free.

Xbox Live features free

Lately a lot has changed with Xbox. Previously, Microsoft tried to implement a price increase for the Gold subscription, but later on came back. Furthermore, it was announced earlier this week that Xbox Live is now called the Xbox network. So now we see that the company is taking steps to further flatten that network with the free party chat feature.

Brad Rossetti makes this known in his tweet, which we have taken over above for the sake of completeness. Rossetti is responsible for Xbox and PC gaming at Microsoft. When the changes are implemented, you will no longer have to pay for chatting with your friends or if you want to play a game of Fortnite. With Sony and Nintendo, you also don’t have to pay for online services when it comes to free-to-play video games.

It is not yet known when the update will appear for everyone. That should happen sometime in the coming months.