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Microsoft wants to bring Android apps completely to Windows

It is rumored that Microsoft is bringing Android apps to Windows completely as per a project called Project Latte.
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Microsoft is bringing Android apps to Windows – rumor

Windows Central writes that with a project called Project Latte, Microsoft wants to get Android apps to work on Windows too. Now you may think: hey, I can already do that. And then you are partly right and then you probably also have a Samsung smartphone. Some Samsung Galaxy smartphones already offer this option. But that implementation has not always proven reliable. For example, users often suffer from connection problems, which means that the function does not work properly.

With Project Latte, Microsoft would allow Android developers to transfer their apps to Windows, probably Windows 10, very easily. That would require minimal work. That would be good news for users, as they could then use the same apps on a different platform. This is also good news for developers, as they may be able to tap into a new market.

Unfortunately, there is a strict caveat. It is likely that any app that uses Google Play Services cannot make the switch. This is due to things and systems behind the scenes that are not compatible with Windows. Should this system actually take off, it means that you can count on only a small fraction of all available Android apps from the start, until developers take Google Play Services support out of their work.

At this point it is already possible to use Android apps on Chrome OS, but it took a long time to get there. And Microsoft will probably also be working on it for a long time to get it off the ground. By the way, this is not the first time that we hear about this. About five years ago Microsoft already tried this with Project Astoria, but that project unfortunately failed in its objective. However, Windows Central writes that the functionality will be launched sometime in the fall of 2021, but we dare not take any poison on that.

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