Microsoft pulls the plug from Microsoft Groove on Android and iOS

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Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Groove users will no longer be able to use the applications available on Android and iOS from 1 December. Also the apps from today can not be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

Microsoft Groove ceases to exist

Last year, Microsoft pulled out the plug the music streaming service Microsoft Groove, but made the promise that investments would be made in the Windows 10 application. This promise does not apply to the apps on Android and iOS, since it is decided that the app from December 1, 2018 can no longer be used on both platforms. In addition, in the same statement issued to Technology website The Verge Microsoft also announced that the apps can no longer be downloaded from today.

If you used Microsoft Groove to play uploaded MP3 files , which are stored in the cloud storage service Microsoft OneDrive, then there is perhaps a meager consolation. The music stored there can still be played through other applications, but the question then is whether the experience will be the same as in Groove. In any case, it is clear that Microsoft is moving out of the market for music streaming services, because so many things are possible from the end of this year.