Microsoft comes with FastStart for subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass

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During the E3 presentation the boss of Xbox Game Pass, Ashley Speicher, revealed not only new games that are now available on the service ( Fallout 4 Elder Scrolls Online and The Division ), but also a new function. That is called FastStart and is designed to allow subscribers to start faster with their game.

FastStart for subscribers of Xbox Game Pass

FastStart is designed so that games can launch much faster; up to twice as fast as was possible up to now. This is because machine learning is now being used, so that the Xbox first downloads the necessary parts of the game and only then continues with the rest. With that, Microsoft is also partly abandoning the Ready to Start system, which developers have to set up manually.

According to Speicher, games can now be launched twice as fast as before. So suppose you needed half an hour to start with a title, now that time is reduced to fifteen minutes. The function is also soon launched: it is already available in June for “select” titles. The games can be found on the support page from Xbox.

Microsoft describes the function on its site as follows: “FastStart finds out which files need to be downloaded first in order to start with play and download those files first, allowing you to play faster, while the rest of the files are downloaded in the background. “