MFE Electronics Anniversary Edition on 30th company anniversary

MFE Electronics Anniversary Edition launched on 30th company anniversary along with several other products.

How time flies: The graduate engineer Michael Franken founded the company MFE Electronics 30 years ago. For the company anniversary there are several products in a special anniversary edition.

MFE 30th Anniversary Edition

The Tube One SE tube preamplifier, the Class A tube amplifier with an integrated headphone amplifier, is available as an Anniversary Edition TA 845, the stereo power amplifier TA 120 SE, the monoblocks TA 300 SE, but also the tube DAC Tube DAC SE as well as the three-way speakers Secundo and the power conditioners NF-3, NF3-TR and P16C.

What distinguishes the special models: They are all limited to 30 pieces worldwide, a warranty extension to five years (tubes: 6 months) is included in the price, buyers receive a certificate with the serial number, and the respective products have a stainless steel badge in the serial number and buyer’s name to be engraved. For the amplifiers, specially selected and matched tubes and other components are used, and magnetic absorbers from Levar Resonance are also used. The speakers have a veneer of your choice and an MFE speaker cable.

The MFE Tube DAC SE from above, here in the classic version

And if you buy a complete MFE chain right away, you will receive a Drecoll mold grill worth 1,500 euros free of charge. You can find out what this is all about on the Drecoll website.

Also new to the range are NF cables, speaker cables and power cables from the Reference Line – as well as the PDV03 phase detector, which has been revised in some points compared to the successful PDV02 model.

We at fairaudio also congratulate us on the anniversary and look forward to more exciting components. By the way: A test of the pre-end combination MFE Tube One SE & TA 120 SE will be published shortly …