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Introducing GO Pod Packs!


Unleash the full potential of your headphones with these exclusive bundles. We’ve partnered with iFi Audio to bring you two innovative combinations: GO Pod Bundles with Advar and Rai Penta, available now in our store.


Using a pair of GO pods is simple: plug your headphones into the left and right pods. Then pair the pods with your source device (a smartphone, for example) and hook the ergonomically designed ear cups around your ears to ensure a comfortable fit. Hit PLAY and enjoy!

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Rai Penta + GO bundle
Advar + GO pods bundle

Meet the couple of your dreams!

We’ve partnered with our friends at iFi Audio to bring you the best of both worlds: the unmatched audio quality of our in-ear monitors with the convenience of wireless connectivity. Featuring ifi Audio’s Go pod and our acclaimed Rai Penta, this bundle was carefully selected to deliver the same great sound experience, without the hassle of wires.

Don’t miss out, dare to experience the Meze sound like never before!

The GO pod is a pair of portable Bluetooth headphone amplifiers/DACs designed to make any pair of wired in-ear monitors (IEMs) wireless. Given the quality of the GO pod’s circuitry, when paired with the Meze Audio Rai Penta, the resulting sound far exceeds any “truly wireless” or Bluetooth headphone.


Using a pair of GO pods is simple. Instead of connecting the cables, connect the headphones to the left and right modules. Then pair the pods with your source device (a smartphone, for example) and hook the ergonomically designed ear cups around your ears to ensure a comfortable fit.


True wireless earphones are based on SoC (system on a chip) solutions to pack the required technology into a small space. Crucial stages like Bluetooth decoding, digital-to-analog conversion, and amplification are merged together to save space and reduce costs. This compromises the sound quality.

The GO module is clearly different. Each critical stage is separately designed and individually optimized to ensure excellent sound quality: Bluetooth, DAC and amplification.

Like top-tier hi-fi speakers, premium wired IEMs are designed for sonic excellence, combining multiple high-tech drive units to deliver sound directly into your ear canal.

Given the high level of audio engineering in both, connecting the Rai Penta to your GO device results in much better sound than regular wireless headphones.


A built-in microphone uses Qualcomm’s cVc noise cancellation technology for excellent voice clarity, whether you’re making a hands-free phone call, chatting on a video call, talking to the connected device’s voice assistant, or even playing a game. online game.

The aluminum panel on the front of each module functions as a touch control; Just tap to play or pause audio, fast forward or rewind, answer or reject a phone call, or activate the connected device’s voice assistant.


The GO pod comes with a smartly designed charging case, with softly lined internal compartments and enough space to accommodate connected IEMs as well as the pods themselves. A 1500 mAh rechargeable battery is built into the charging case; a pair of GO pods will play up to seven hours on a single charge, while the case provides multiple recharges to allow for up to 35 hours of run time. The case supports Qi wireless charging and USB-C fast charging.