Meze Audio Empyrean II Headphones

Introducing Meze Audio Empyrean II- Over-Ears Headphone with elements of its iconic predecessor with an added touch of sculptural elegance.

Building on the legacy of its predecessor, Empyrean II emerges as a symphony of art, sonic innovation, and craftsmanship.

A natural step up from our first planar magnetic headphones, Empyrean II, retains all the beloved elements of its iconic predecessor with an added touch of sculptural elegance.

Precision-crafted using CNC milling, the frame features a sleek matte black finish with silver accents and a redesigned grille that takes inspiration from bold, timeless art deco patterns.


“As good as the initial design seemed, the headphones we envisioned ultimately turned out to be fragile. The aluminum grille wasn’t turning out well; there was an unexpected structural failure, and we were changing colors almost daily, struggling to decide on the perfect combination. A lot of determination, a few more iterations, and we finally did it: Empyrean II.”

Vladimir Brezovszki, product designer

Sonic Mastery Reimagined

After years of research and development, Empyrean II allows you to experience more of what you love.

Our goal was to improve the headphones’ ability to reproduce fine details and achieve a more neutral sound signature, while preserving the original “easy listening” character.

We believe that good things take time, so we spent months trying and trying different fitting techniques until we finally got it right. Our efforts revealed new possibilities regarding resolution and detail recovery, achieving cleaner and more accurate sound representation than the original Empyrean.