Meze Audio ADVAR in-ear monitor (IEM)

Meze Audio ADVAR in-ear monitor (IEM) ready to bring balance to everyday life in the form of harmoniously tuned audio.

Meze Audio ADVAR in-ear monitor (IEM) has been launched recently.

Inspired by Romanian tradition

For the archaic civilizations of Romania, an ADVAR was similar to a talisman or amulet: it was believed to be all-powerful, it was a symbol of the absolute destiny to bring blessing to those who wear it.

As descendants of ancient civilizations, we set out to preserve the essence of our culture and pass it on. Capturing that very essence, this IEM is ready to bring balance to everyday life in the form of harmoniously tuned audio.

ADVAR is a visual and sonic work of art in its own right, ready to unravel its mysteries piece by piece, with every listen.

sound that transcends the ordinary

With endearing sound quality that matches various listening preferences, ADVAR offers an audible finesse that leaves no room for compromise.

Inside the casing, a single, precisely tuned 10.2mm dynamic driver creates a warm, dynamic presentation that stays true to Meze Audio’s well-established signature sound. The diaphragm offers impressive control over the entire frequency range, leaving room for a velvety smooth sound.

No detail was sacrificed: ADVAR will reveal details with incredible precision, bringing to life surprising new notes just waiting to be discovered in your favorite songs.

ADVAR is easy to operate and pairs well with any device, thanks to its high sensitivity and low impedance. It provides accuracy and fidelity from 10hZ to 30kHz, giving you a captivating listening experience.

A silhouette inspired by natural patterns

With a shape inspired by the rounded surface of raw hematite and intricate curves sculpted with care, the stainless steel case features an ergonomic contoured design that allows for easy insertion and removal of earphones.

Our long-term search for the optimal fit has resulted in a rock-solid shape that ensures maximum stability. The housing rests lightly on the ear and, together with the over-ear hooks, reduces discomfort during longer listening sessions. The sinuous design helps improve the earphone’s noise-isolating properties.

The ear tips have been carefully selected to provide an optimal seal fit and easily conform to the shape of the ear. Developed by Final Audio, the Type E model combined with Advar also enhances bass tones and reduces harsh tones in the high-frequency range.

An expression of our centennial heritage

The centuries-old forests of Maramures, the views from the tops of the mountains, the whisper of natural springs are what inspire us to create. Throughout history, the countrymen of this land used intricate ancestral symbols carved in wood, passed down from generation to generation, to protect their sacred space.

The outer circles are similar to our representation of the “hour”, a traditional dance that carries a cosmic symbolism for Romanians: the circle of people joined in the hand represents a dance of the planets around the Sun, a magical union of the tangible with the spiritual. In the center of the circle, the Sun itself. Protector against darkness, a source of light that allows all things to thrive and grow.

This seal that accompanies Advar is placed here to reveal a part of what makes us most unique: our soul born in Maramures.