McIntosh C2800 and C55 Stereo Preamplifiers

Introducing McIntosh C2800 and C55 Stereo Preamplifiers- the C55 and C2800 offer unparalleled flexibility in connecting to power amplifiers

McIntosh C2800 and C55 DAC Stereo Preamplifiers

The grand celebration of the 75th anniversary of its founding is making the legendary manufacturer of very high-level audiovisual components, McIntosh, exhibit unusual dynamism and capacity for innovation. This is corroborated by the two most recent products marketed by the Binghamton brand: the stereo preamplifiers with built-in DAC functionality C2800 and C55, designed to be the perfect control center for audio systems without compromise. Aesthetically identical and with a 99% share of functionalities, these two truly reference electronics differ in the configuration of their base circuitry, featuring vacuum tubes (three 12AX7A and one 12AT7) in the C2800 and transistors. on the C55, using a traditional tone control (treble and bass adjustable in 1 dB steps) on the former and via an 8-band analog equalizer on the latter.

As a result of their status as genuinely high-end products, the two McIntosh are manufactured in a 100% handmade and individualized way, using the same top-quality components in both the analog and digital fields. Thus, all power supplies are fully regulated, while a transformer with a radial section core (“R-core”) ensures stable and noise-free operation. The switching between inputs is electromagnetic to minimize distortion and reduce noise virtually to zero, a scheme complemented by a high-precision volume control system (0.1 dB steps). completely balanced. In terms of DAC functionality, the C2800 and C55 are equipped with McIntosh’s advanced DA2 module, which in addition to ensuring compatibility with PCM files up to 32-bit/384 kHz and DSD up to DSD512 (in both cases via USB), reinforces with seven digital inputs (including an HDMI with ARC and an MCT for connection to McIntosh’s SACD transport mechanisms) analog connectivity made up of 7 Line inputs and 2 Phono inputs, the latter compatible with moving coil capsules ( MC) and moving magnet (MM), to which is added a subwoofer output.

As is the norm with reference preamps, balanced and unbalanced outputs are available and can also be configured to meet the demands of complex installations. Another functionality incorporated in these two new preamplifiers is an input/output loop to facilitate the integration of external signal processors, such as the MQ112 Environmental Equalizer or the MEN220 Room Correction System from McIntosh itself, and the Home Theater PassThru, intended to facilitate insertion into Home Theater systems. The C2800 and C55 are completed with a dedicated headphone amplifier (HXD technology) and the unmistakable industrial design of the New York brand, are Roon Tested approved and can be controlled through the McIntosh Connect “app”.