Marvel’s Jessica Jones gets a third season on Netflix

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Netflix has officially announced that Marvel’s Jessica Jones, one of the most popular series on the basis of a Marvel superhero, will receive a third season. Since the beginning of March it is possible to watch the second season on the popular video streaming service.

Jessica Jones gets third season

That did not last long. Marvel’s Jessica Jones gets a third season of video streaming service Netflix. The first two seasons are currently at the service; the second season has been on the rise since 8 March. Of course, there is currently nothing known about that third season and we do not know what to expect. We do not know anything about the villains yet and we do not know anything about a release date yet. Probably we get the second or third season of other Marvel series first, before Jones returns.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones puts superhero Jones down as a tormented soul. In the first season you see exactly why it is, in a number of violent scenes that are almost unique in the superhero genre. It is not for nothing that this television series is equipped with some prizes. The second season starts with rebuilding Jones’s life, but of course things do not go as they should. In addition, we enjoyed the superhero in the team-up series The Defenders, alongside Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.