MartinLogan Motion X and Motion XT Speaker Series

New MartinLogan Motion X and Motion XT speaker series launches.

Faithful to its permanent commitment to applying the most advanced technology to its renowned loudspeaker systems, the veteran American firm MartinLogan has just announced the market launch of the new generation of two of its most reputable and most commercially successful ranges in the most competitive High End field: the “basic” MotionX and the upper Motion XT, formed by, respectively, five and four models. These are the F20 and F10 columns (both with 3 ways/4 speakers), the C10 central channel speaker (2.5 ways/3 speakers), the B10 bookshelf monitor (2 ways/2 speakers) and the MP10 multi-application monitor (2 ways/2 speakers) in the case of the Motion and the F200 and F100 columns (both with 3 ways/5 speakers), the C100 central channel speaker (2.5 ways/3 speakers) and the B10 (2-way/2-speaker) bookshelf monitor as far as the Motion XT is concerned. “Distinctive design, elegant execution, sound of great beauty”.

This is how MartinLogan presents his “reimagined” Motion family, beneficiary of a renewed aesthetics and superior technical parameters compared to its predecessor, thanks to the combined use of state-of-the-art design, manufacturing and measurement systems. In the electroacoustic field, the most outstanding novelty is undoubtedly the Gen2 Obsidian Folded Motion Tweeter, a sophisticated folded-diaphragm tweeter that takes advantage of the latest in thin-film processing and a number of critical internal improvements, including the waveguide Folded Motion Waveguidewhich enable him to offer a cleaning, a Level of detail, dispersion control and precision surpassed only by the Lawrence, Kansas firm’s legendary electrostatic panels. As for the midrange and mid/bass speakers, they mount interlaced fiberglass cones, while the woofers include aluminum diaphragms and powerful magnetic magnets that guarantee finesse, depth and punch. For their part, crossover filters combine the exclusive McCracken–Vojtko topology by MartinLogan with audiophile grade components.

Finally, let us point out that the two ground references include a lower emission bass-reflex port (“Single Cannon” configuration), as well as the innovative devices adjustable decoupling/stabilization FAST from the American company. Moving on to the Motion XT (“eXTreme”) range, its key differentiating element is that it takes Motion philosophy and engineering even further by incorporating the loudspeakers that make up the tweeter. Gen2 Obsidian Folded Motion XT Tweeterwhose emissive surface is 40% larger than that of the Motion series, midrange and midrange/bass transducers with Nomex-reinforced Kevlar cone and, in the case of the two columns, two lower emission bass-reflex ports (“configuration” Twin Cannon”), the result being a extraordinary versatility and naturalness from impeccably built enclosures that are exquisitely integrated into any space.