Marten Mingus Quintet 2 launched

Marten Mingus Quintet 2 a premier loudspeaker has been launched has five drivers with immaculate control and power and others.

Marten Mingus Quintet 2 launched.

World premiere of the MINGUS QUINTET 2 model

We are exceptionally happy to be able to show Marten Mingus Quintet 2 to the world. Building on the successes of our Mingus series, it is a pleasure to premiere it in High End Munich.

Our second generation Mingus Quintet 2 has proven solid design foundations built into it. Using the CELL technology drivers that the Mingus series is based on, full range, with deep bass and wide dynamics.

what you get Confident control.

Mingus Quintet 2 has five drivers with immaculate control and power, including a pure diamond tweeter, pure ceramic midrange and aluminum sandwich bass domes. We have also designed the first order crossover to offer a more open, clean and dynamic sound.

Resonance control is greatly improved with an advanced damping mat and solid wood top and bottom for a more neutral cabinet. Marten Isolators further reduce resonance by separating the cabinet from the supporting surface.

  • pure diamond tweeter
  • 3 way bass reflex
  • first order filter
  • cell speakers
  • Marten Insolators

diamond dome Pure and bright.

Pure diamond is the ultimate material for speaker cones, which is why we used an Accuton Cell diamond tweeter. In the high-frequency range, its stiffness-to-weight ratio and internal speed of sound are second to none.

The sonic character of our diamond tweeter is not what you would expect. Our crossover has been carefully crafted to bring out the pure, clear sound of this gemstone, smoothing out any harshness.

Diamond is also the best heat conductor known to man, which is essential for speaker membranes, providing the best heat sink for the voice coil, resulting in high power handling and very low compression. .

ceramic domes

Advanced technology, natural sound.

Rigid ceramic is lightweight, yet extremely rigid, making it one of the best materials for speaker cones; it is also known as sapphire.

Our ceramic domes have a high internal damping factor, due to a refined electrochemical process. The membrane has a high resonance frequency of the material, which means that distortion is minimal. This offers a level of clarity that is perfect for high-end speaker domes.

Bass drivers. low frequencies. low distortion

Cell bass driver units have long excursion, extremely low distortion levels and hidden surround sound. Made from sandwich-type aluminum honeycomb, the drivers deliver rich, dynamic bass performance with a powerful presentation.

Cabinets. Unified form and function

Mingus Quintet 2 tapers to create less sound reflections and a sleek shape. Made from the finest materials, it is finished with solid wood tops and backs to reduce resonance.

We use specially selected MDF with optimum stiffness to create high-quality, resonance-free cabinets. Internal structure and bracing keep the cabinet rigid, while resonance inside is further dampened with advanced materials.

Each cabinet is finished with precision veneer and lacquer. The lacquer is carefully composed of 7 layers, each one polished by hand between drying.

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