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Marmitek launches Smart Me range of smart home products

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Marmitek launches Smart Me

Marmitek launches Smart Me: With Smart Me, Marmitek wants to make the smart home even more accessible, with products of good quality and at an affordable price.

Marmitek launches Smart Me

The range initially consists of various products that can work together, including lamps, smart plugs, cameras, sensors and doorbells.

Smart Me is based on the TUYA platform and allows smart home products to communicate with each other via WiFi. So there is no need for a hub to connect the products or to operate them. You simply download the company’s Smart Me app, add the products, and get started.

The app makes it possible to operate all products directly and to set so-called scenarios. This means that you can have products react to each other. For example: the motion sensor registers a movement, which turns on the camera and turns on the lights. In addition, you can link the system with Google Home, after which everything can be operated by voice.

The range currently includes:

  • E27 filament lamp (29.99 euros)
  • E27 color lamp (22.49 euros)
  • Smart plug (29.99 euros)
  • Door / window sensor (22.49 euros)
  • Smart camera (59.99 euros)
  • Smart outdoor camera (94.99 euros)
  • Motion sensor (24.99 euros)