New details tactical PlayStation VR shooter Firewall Zero Hour disclosed

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During PlayStation Experience late last year, the shooter Firewall Zero Hour was announced for PlayStation VR. Since then, the developer has not shared anything about the title until now. On the PlayStation Blog an extensive article appeared in which a lot of new details are published .

Details disclosed about shooter Firewall Zero Hour

The set-up of the game is 4 to 4 where teamplay is very important. Players must work together and devise strategies to protect or obtain sensitive data. To achieve this, each team will have a wide range of weapons and items.

You will end up as a team at various exotic locations where you have to steal or protect the data. To realize this, you will be helped by a handler who watches from the air and gives instructions, so that you can achieve the ultimate goal.

Every time you complete a game, you will receive XP and in-game currency. With XP you can unlock new weapons, attachments and items. With the in-game currency you can then buy the unlocked items.

  • The game has all kinds of weapons ranging from assault rifles to SMGs and from shotguns to pistols.
  • You can compile your own loadout based on the weapons and items that you have unlocked.
  • There are 12 Contractors in the game, all of whom have their own unique skill.
  • Every Contractor can be customized with an extra skill and cosmetic upgrades.
  • The game has 9 maps from the release, based on real locations worldwide.
  • These locations are Russia, Great Britain and the Middle East.
  • The game supports the use of the PlayStation VR Aim Controller.
  • The game is purely focused on the multiplayer, there is no singleplayer in.
  • However, the game has a Training mode, in which you record it against the computer.
  • You can train on all 9 maps and earn XP to unlock weapons. [19659006] It is also possible to train online in co-op in this Training Mode
  • You can set up public and private matches in Training Mode and Contract Mode (main mode).