Luxman L-595A Special Edition Integrated Amplifier

Luxman L-595A Special Edition Integrated Amplifier has been launched. This Special Edition will be available from July 2021.

The traditional manufacturer Luxman is celebrating its 95th anniversary. For this reason, the company is launching a class A integrated amplifier that is wonderfully old-fashioned in the best sense of the word, of which only 600 are built. Half of it is available exclusively for the Japanese market, so that “the rest of the world” has to fight for the remaining, numbered 300 copies …

Luxman 595A Special Edition: Technology

The legendary L-570 (it was introduced in 1989) was the inspiration for the design of the racing car – the connoisseur will notice. The Luxman 595A Special Edition is also a thoroughbred Class A amplifier, but it can shine with a few other technical delicacies. The amp delivers 2 x 60 watts into 4 ohms, which is certainly not much in today’s times, but in pure Class A mode it is very respectable.

A volume control is used that Luxman originally developed in 2003 for the preamplifier C-70f. The potentiometer regulates a control voltage, which is evaluated by a microcomputer and “translated” into one of 88 volume levels. The actual regulation or attenuation of the signal is then done by 88 resistor networks. Incidentally, the balance control works in a similar way: Nobody has to fear the typical “scratching effects” of aging potentiometers or wow and flutter. Speaking of controls: bass and treble can of course also be fine-tuned, the amp also offers a loudness circuit and a subsonic filter: really vintage!

Luxman L-595A Special Edition back with connectors

The Luxman 595A Special Edition is “only” allowed to use analog sources, but a total of seven of them. A phono MM / MC amplifier is on board

Incidentally, it is a purely analog amplifier, there is no digital section. In return, however, six high-level inputs – two of them symmetrical / XLR – as well as a phono stage that understands both MM and MC cartridges. Two pairs of loudspeakers can be connected – and a pre-amplifier output is also on board, as is an input for the power amplifier section. For the cinch terminals, Luxman relies on a copper-brass alloy that is said to offer the best of the worlds of “conductivity” and “wear resistance”.

The Luxman L-595A Special Edition will be available from July 2021.

Price Luxman L-595A Special Edition: 12,595 euros


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