Lumin P1: network player, DAC and pre-stage

Lumin P1: network player, DAC and pre-stage has been launched. It is is now available in silver and black at a price of 9,990 euros.

As announced by IAD GmbH, Lumin is introducing a brand new network player called Lumin P1, which will be launched in October at the Munich specialist dealer “3. Dimension “had its world premiere. According to IAD, the Lumin P1 is an uncompromisingly audiophile-oriented device with extraordinary connectivity.

Lumin P1 – much more than just a streamer

The Lumin P1 unites analog preamplifier, DAC and network player. It has symmetrical and asymmetrical analog inputs, numerous digital inputs (AES / EBU, S / PDIF coaxial and BNC, Toslink, HDMI, USB) and thus proves to be a real control center for home hi-fi.

The circuit is consistently called the two ESS / Saber converter chips ES9028PRO Dual mono design executed, which should result in optimal stereo channel separation. For all digital sources there is the possibility of upsampling to 32 bit / 384 kilohertz or DSD128. The processor even supports DSD512 natively. An FPGA-based femto clock should guarantee minimal jitter under all operating conditions.

The back of the Lumin P1: This is where almost every source can be connected

The analog output stage also follows you completely symmetrical structure, whereby two Lundahl output transformers ensure galvanic isolation and should bring along a “fascinatingly warm sound image”. When it comes to volume control, the Lumin P1 relies on a special solution from the French manufacturer Leedh, the so-called “Lossless Digital Volume Control” algorithm, which avoids distortion and quantization noise, says the press release.

The Lumin-Streamer supports all relevant high-resolution file formats and understands the decoding of MQA. Operation is either via the supplied infrared remote control in the acrylic housing or via its own app for iOS and Android.

The model is now available in silver and black at a price of 9,990 euros available. A test is in preparation.