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Loudspeakers from Lithuania at LEN Hifi

The completely redesigned top model can now be found in LEN Hifi’s in-house “Nils’ Showroom” in Duisburg Linga (around 35,000 euros) from the Lithuanian manufacturer 8MM audiolab marvel – and of course listen to it too. In addition to the Linga, the latest addition to LEN Hifi’s sales portfolio also includes the Piu model (3-way floorstanding loudspeaker, 19,800 euros).

With a height of around 200 centimeters, the Linga have real size, but – if you can trust the photos from the showroom – thanks to their front, which is only 23 centimeters wide, they are not excessively bulky. The two-part construction weighs in at a whopping 125 kilograms per loudspeaker.

The Mundorf connection terminal of the 8MM audiolab Linga and the setting options for bass and treble reproduction

Interesting: Depending on whether one or both of the side-mounted 30-centimeter high-performance hybrid woofers of the 8MM audiolab Linga (one is in the upper, the other in the lower module) points inwards or outwards, the basic bass tuning changes the loudspeaker, says Björn Kraayvanger from LEN Hifi. In addition, the bass and tweeters can be further adapted to the spatial conditions using connectors on the terminal, emphasizes Kraayvanger. In this way, the Linga can even be positioned just in front of the rear wall and can also be used in smaller rooms.

8MM audiolab uses a “low-diffraction vertical OS waveguide” in the high frequency range, which optimizes the radiation of the compression driver towards the listening zone and is intended to avoid wall reflections. The waveguide was milled into a solid wooden plate and provided with a special coating that dampens unwanted reflections and reduces “horn effects” to an absolute minimum.

According to LEN Hifi, only high-purity copper, double cast coils and high-precision capacitors and resistors from Mundorf are used in the crossover. All crossover components are provided with silver-tinned copper wire and silver solder, the internal wiring comes from Kimber and the stable and versatile MConnect terminals made of silver from Mundorf.

The housing of the 8MM audiolab Linga, which is available in black or white, consists of a frame made of high-quality woods covered with Alcantara. The front and rear wall are part of this frame and are up to 50 millimeters thick. The side walls used in the frame consist of a four-layer sandwich construction and are coated with a high-gloss, scratch-resistant paint. The Linga stand on massive, 30 millimeter thick steel arms with adjustable spikes.

8MM audiolab Linga: back

A beautiful back can also delight: the rear of the two meter high but slim 8MM audiolab Linga


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