Looking for Stela in thriller game ‘Someday You’ll Return’

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Someday You’ll Return is a thriller / horror game in which you search for your lost daughter. She was not kidnapped, but ran away. And that is not the first time.

During the course of the story driven game, you find out why Stela regularly runs away and why she keeps hiding in the least welcome environments.

Below you can see a number points that enumerate the core of the gameplay, according to developer CBE Software

  • Workbench interface: Create or repair usable game items in a specialized interface
  • Herbalism: Gather natural ingredients and make potions used to overcome unique challenges.
  • Environment interaction: Wall Climbing, using items on environment and other physical interactions
  • Smartphone: The normal features of your smartphone: your GPS, mobile light, SMS and phone calls will all play a part in your journey.
  • Karmic system: In SYR your actions matter. The consequences can influence your
  • Stealth & Tracking: Look for clues like footprints etc.
  • Phased day / night cycles

The game is scheduled for release in 2019 for the PlayStation 4.